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Ozark Trail Tents

Ozark Trail tents are an inexpensive way to get out and enjoy the wilderness.  If you are a novice camper, an Ozark Trail tent could be the one for you.  These tents are considered by many to be something that does not cost a lot but has good enough quality to get you by.  So, they are not the best, but at least they will keep you dry and it won't cost an arm and a leg.

Ozark Trail tents come in many different shapes and sizes that will accommodate as many people as you need.  The tents tend to run anywhere from twenty bucks up to about a hundred and forty.  They do come in a variety of sizes however, and some of these tents feature a patented DryTek material that keeps you from getting wet.  There are 4-person dome tents that are simple, comfortable, and are easy to set up and take down.  There are 6-person Ozark Trail tents that come in several different shapes, including, a dome with an awning, a two-room cabin, and a large family dome.  The six-person tents are probably the most popular because of their size and variety of shapes.  Ozark Trail also offers eight-person tents.  These come in many shapes and sizes as well, but if you are planning a camping trip with more than six people, this size could be what you are looking for.

Stay Dry With Ozark Trail's GoBeDry System!

  • DryTek fabric: Keeps you dry as rain beads up and runs off
  • DryGuard skirt: Deflects rain from floor seams and stake loops
  • DryLock seams: Sealed to block moisture and prevent leakage
  • DryFloor design: Elevates floor seams to keep away from water

Although the quality and ease of use is pretty good, Ozark Trail tents are said to be less than professional quality camping equipment.  What I mean by that is that they make inexpensive camping gear that is not designed for experts or for people who like to camp every weekend.  It is actually more for people who like to go camping less often and are not intending on spending a lot of money.

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